Most days you can find me: Taking my kids to any number of activities, editing photos or headed out to the farm to mess around with one of the horses.

I have had the pleasure of being called MRS. Bullard since 2007. In 2012 I was upgraded to MOM with the birth of our daughter and got double duty with the birth of our son in 2015. We currently have 1 dog, 3 barn cats and 3 horses.  Although if I had my way (and an unlimited budget) I would have my own petting zoo of rescue animals!

Why do I take photos? Well I’m glad you asked!  I was born and raised in Walworth Co. Wisconsin but have had the pleasure of traveling A LOT! (Having a travel agent for a mother helps) But when I was in high school I made the mistake of thinking I was a better rider than I really was and did something to anger my horse who bucked me off. I wasn’t wearing a helmet and hit my head hard enough that I lost my memory.  Without going into too much detail it affected my long term memory. Photos are good triggers for me to recall all those family vacations, events and everyday life. So the Photo taking obsession began! Luckily my high school offered classes in photography (I took all of them). Now when I am photographing my clients I look at every photo session like my clients are me and they might hit their heads and forget this time in their life but with photos they could remember again!

Fun Facts: Given the choice between any other food and Nachos, Nachos will win almost every time. I don’t drink caffeine unless I really need a pick me up. I am a sucker for a good period piece (think Jane Austen/Downton Abbey).  
I am a function over fashion when it comes to clothing choices.
I took 7th in State FFA Dairy judging. (yes, Napoleon Dynamite style)
Before we had our children we fostered over 45 puppies and dogs from local animal shelters. We would love to get back into it but now isn’t the right time.

A little background information: I went to college in Murray KY where I was on the Equestrian Team and meet my amazing hubby when I slide tackled him while playing intramural soccer.  I worked at a resort for over 5 years running the children’s activities and assisting my husband on running teambuildings.  The resort is where I first got the wedding bug.  I have been shooting weddings since 2008. And in 2013 I started work as a Wedding Coordinator for Something Blue Lake Geneva.  (Just call me the Jill of all trades)

So that’s me! Sorry, that was probably more than you wanted to know. Now I want to hear about YOU!